The Oasis Natural Health Foundation provides funding for the training of therapists around the world in a unique therapy called Energy Systems Healing. This particular modality combines the curative and remedial benefits of Bowen Therapy, Massage and Intuitive Healing. ES Healing works on the body in many ways. It relieves physical symptoms of pain, inflammation, swelling,  restores mobility, increases flexibility, releases tension, relaxes tight muscles, detoxes the body, rejuvenates the energy levels, clears emotional blockages, lightens the mental load, and many more experiences are had by thousands of clients.This healing work performed on children in many poor and developing countries is vast and very necessary to give these children better health and a life worth living.

The therapists join with local schools for disabled children, orphanages and non-profit organisations that deal specifically with children, to gain access to the children.

When the trained therapists travel to other countries to either teach local therapists or work on the children, they receive assistance from the Foundation with accommodation, travel and food requirements while performing this work.

The Foundation requires donations of money, time and energy. “Money makes the world go ’round,” apparently. It certainly helps the Oasis Foundation team members and therapists to achieve their goals of training therapists worldwide and having these trained therapists in the local villages and communities to then work on children with disabilities and long-term illnesses. Consistent treatment is provided for the children with the greatest opportunity for their permanent healing. The locally trained practitioners are paid by the Oasis Foundation to provide this necessary healing work.

All donations are greatly appreciated and even a small amount can make a big difference.