Our Therapy

Energy Systems Healing (ES Healing) is a combination of Bowen Therapy, Massage, Musculoskeletal Therapy (Myopractic), Emmett Technique, Nerve Dynamics, and Intuitive Healing. Other therapies are included, however, these are the main ones that are taught and dispensed in the healing work we do with children.  Individually, each of these therapies create a profound healing effect on a body that has pain or dis-ease.

The human body has within it the ability to heal itself. This is known as Homeostasis.  Dis-ease, injury, nutritional deficiency and lifestyle stressors hinder the body’s natural capacity for Homeostasis.  We succumb to these negative forces and the body builds physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain within itself as a protection mechanism, and an alert system, so that we take action and healing can take place.

(For a comprehensive understanding of these different natural therapies, visit www.oasishealthcentres.com.au)