There are numerous costs involved in the work that Oasis carries out as a Foundation.  We need to fund the travel required to get to the developing countries where children with disabilities and chronic illnesses reside, and then the expenses involved in staying in these countries to perform our work and develop alliances with the organisations who currently providing aid to the children.

We also endeavour to provide a livelihood for local, disadvantaged adults and their families by training them to continue our work when we are not present for an above average wage according to the country’s standards.  Often, what can seem a minor outlay against our western standards, is actually a means for an entire family to reach a higher potential than would have been possible without our Foundation.

We are currently working with the Massage Association of the Blind in Savannakhet,  Laos on developing a program whereby we will provide training for vision-impaired adults to perform massage and healing work on behalf of our Foundation.

A standard budget breakdown for a project is as follows (we have used Bali and Brisbane as our start and end points for this exercise).


Budget Breakdown – Bali Project – 2 Therapists
Expense Cost in AUD$
Flights (Return ex Brisbane) $            1,200.00
Accommodation (1 month) $            1,000.00
Food and Living Expenses $               900.00
Transportation within Bali $               400.00


As well as specifically Project related financial requirements, we also need to outlay funds for more general purposes such as:

  • Administration
  • Legal Fees
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment and Training of Therapists
  • Education and Awareness Development within developing countries
  • Insurance
  • Translation & Interpreting


All therapy work and time spent overseas by Foundation Therapists (excluding locals that have been trained by the Foundation)  is voluntary.