About Us

The ONHF Vision

For all children to be given the opportunity of great health options regardless of country or disability.

To empower children with disabilities and long-term illnesses, through our unique healing methods, to discover their greatest potential and live it joyfully. To assist them with mobility, flexibility and holistic health options to gift them with a greater awareness of their bodies and the conditions they have. To give them, through the gift of awareness, the power to invoke change.

Our Founder

In 2008, Eleni Seitis attended a seminar introducing her to a Social Entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton. As Roger spoke of his 2020 Vision for his organisation, XL, he invited members of the audience to share their own visions of their future businesses and organisations. At that stage, Eleni was working for herself as a Bowen Therapist. She hadn’t planned the future of her business…until that moment.

Standing in front of a room full of people, Eleni received an inspirational download from the Universe, outlining an empirical organisation so vast it encompassed the whole world in its ability to heal all the children on this planet. The organisation would have therapists from all areas of the globe, working seamlessly together healing children of their ailments, diseases and disabilities, using a unique combination of the healing modalities of Bowen Therapy, Massage and Medical Intuition. This work would be done voluntarily by these gifted souls. The organisation would pay for travel, accommodation and food expenses to assist the therapists whilst they performed their miracles.  Eleni spoke eloquently and passionately about what was unfolding in front of her mind’s eye, and a roar of applause followed her enthusiastic delivery.

Over the next 6 years, Eleni meditated frequently about this vision, recorded the images that regularly came to her and conveyed to many the insights being received.

In September 2014, the Oasis Natural Health Centres Foundation was incorporated as a non-Government accredited, non-profit Private Organisation.

The World Wide Work of Healing of Children

“Is there a child who does not dream of being counted, and having his or her gifts and talents recognised? No. All children have hopes and dreams – including children with disabilities. And all children deserve a fair chance to make their dreams real.”

From the Foreword of the report of The State of The World’s Children 2013 (original report here)

Children do not ask for a disability, or a long-term illness. The circumstances are often completely out of their control, especially if they are born with a disability, a medical defect, or contract an illness that has long-term effects. Yet, they do have to live with the consequences of their ailment. Sometimes, these conditions are life-threatening for the children. For many, it requires changes, adaptations and a different perspective to those around them who are able-bodied.

The families of these children often do not have the funds available to give the children the necessary medical, rehabilitative or physiotherapy help they require. They lack the knowledge and education about these ailments and what can assist the children to have a better lifestyle. And sometimes, all the parents and children want is understanding and hope.

The team of therapists and volunteers at Oasis Natural Health Foundation can help with all this and more. Qualified therapists are trained specially by Eleni Seitis to perform a specific blend of Bowen Therapy, Massage and Intuitive Healing, known as ES Healing (Energy Systems Healing [or Eleni Seitis Healing]).