Empowering today’s children to become tomorrow’s future world Leaders

The Oasis Natural Health Foundation is an empirical organisation so vast it encompasses the whole world in its ability to heal all the children on this planet. The organisation unites and recruits therapists from all areas of the globe, to work seamlessly together, healing children of their ailments, diseases and disabilities, creating an otherwise impossible reality for them to reach their full potential. This work is done voluntarily by these gifted souls. The organisation pays for travel, accommodation and food expenses to assist the therapists whilst they perform their miracles. Parents, carers, and school teachers are taught the basic skills of these therapies, to continue performing the techniques on the children in their own time.

When the children of the world are given the capacity to live at their full potential, they can then help others, and we will teach them to free other children they encounter from their lives of sickness and limits. The Oasis Natural Health Foundation aims to work with the world’s children to break the cycles of sickness and poverty that are so rife, to change the world for the generations to come.

Children Massage


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